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National Technology Center for the Computers for Schools program funded by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

Our Mandate

Collect used computer equipment from the federal public service in the National Capital Region (NCR), refurbish it with the help of CFS interns, and send it to provincial and territorial affiliates across Canada for distribution to eligible customers of the Computers for Schools (CFS) program.


Corinne Lorman

Director of Operations
819 776-5870 #151

Natasha Tousignant

Administrative assistant
819 776-5870 #117

Éric Laviolette

Team leader
819 776-5870 #126

Émilie Audet

Communication officer
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Roxanne Briand

IT & training supervisor
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Stéphane Camirand
Shipping and Receiving supervisor scamirand@stlr.ca
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Benoit Gagnon

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Alain Clavet

Sales manager
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The STLR is a division of La Relance, which aims to achieve the highest standards of environmental protection, the satisfaction of compliance obligations and the continuous improvement of its SST-E integrated management system.

This policy applies to all activities, products and services associated with the collection, repair and refurbishment of computers and their peripherals in facilities located at 45 Sacre-Coeur Boulevard in Gatineau (factory) and at 950 Ages drive in Ottawa (warehouse).

Our environmental commitments:

  • Respect diligently the laws, the regulations and the applicable standards and estimate in a systematic and periodic way, our conformity with the legal obligations and with the other requirements ;
  • Communicate with suppliers, local authorities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as other partners and stakeholders of the organization in relation to the relevant elements of our environmental management system ;
  • Identify, assess and responsibly manage risks and opportunities related to environmental aspects, compliance obligations and other issues and other needs and expectations of interested parties ;
  • Set objectives for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, allocate the resources necessary to achieve these objectives and regularly communicate our results ;
  • Train and develop the skills of our employees as well as inform our suppliers about the sound management of the environment and the importance of improving environmental performance ;
  • Limit the impact of our operations on the environment through the efficient use of resources and put in place measures to prevent pollution ;
  • Plan, implement and improve operations to integrate the concepts of sustainable development to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Management and its staff are committed to continually improving its environmental management system to improve the performance related to the management of environmental aspects.

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