Jobs and internships

04_IconTWEP (paid)

Technical Work Experience Program

The TWEP is an initiative of the Youth Employment Strategy (YES) of the Government of Canada. The objective is to enable graduates to gain practical work experience. In addition to sharpening his knowledge, the student gets additional training on site and support in their job search efforts. At the end of the program, his or her application becomes more desirable to employers.

Profile sought

  • College or university graduate in Computer Science or a related field;
  • Between 15 and 30 years old;
  • Canadian citizen and/or permanent resident.


  • Length of internship: 8 to 12 month
  • Schedule: 35 hours/week

Description of tasks

  • Creating TCP/IP addresses;
  • Use diagnostic tools and software;
  • Data wiping, formatting, installation and testing of hard drives;
  • Operating systems configuration and diagnostics;
  • Installing and testing software;
  • Duplicating software design image;
  • Checking and updating the basic input-output system;
  • Selecting the right RAM and fault diagnosis;
  • Installation and diagnosis of expansion cards.

Interested? Send your resume to:


04_IconStudent internship (unpaid)

You are young and passionate of IT? Become a part of our team! Whether you’re in high school, College, CEGEP or in between, we have a place for you. Send your resume for a challenging internship in an energetic team.

Profile sought

  • High school student or
  • High school graduate or
  • College student
  • Between 15 and 30 years old


  • Length of internship: Customized to your needs
  • Schedule: Customized to your needs

04_IconVolunteer (unpaid)

You do not meet the criteria of the other categories and you want to gain practical skills? What would be better than learning at the same time you’re helping children’s education and saving the environment? Learn to refurbish a computer from A to Z at LRTS.

Profile sought

  • 16 years old or more


  • Length of internship: Minimum of 3 months
  • Schedule: Minimum of 2 consecutive days per week